A Passive Aggressive’s Best Friend: The Excuse

planbNotice: Before I get started, I would just like to say for those of you that comment with some elaborate story on how your love life fell apart and you lost your spouse/partner/dog, until you went to some “Spellcaster” and now you’re living happily ever after, don’t bother. I have to approve all comments and I can spot affiliate advertising a mile away. All those comments go right to the trash. If I have readers who actually believe in that stuff, I’m sure they are already Googling it.

It never ceases to amaze me the excuses of the passive aggressive for not doing something. Some things I have been asking my passive aggressive boyfriend to do around here for a solid 2 yrs. I don’t know if he’s run out of excuses and that’s why he’s developed this new technique or what.

Now when I ask him if he thinks he’ll have time to get to such and such, his new thing is “I was going to do that in the morning” or “I was going to do that when it wasn’t so hot” or what ever other “I was going to…” he can come up with.  One day I just said to him “Isn’t it uncanny how our two minds work exactly the same all these times I ask you about taking care of something, and you are always just going to get to it. It’s amazing!”

Sometimes I feel like if I here “I was just gonna do that” one more time, my head will explode! LOL.

Now mind you, my passive aggressive is totally retired and has absolutely no schedule for anything. He reads the paper, does the crossword, and watches whatever sports or sports highlights he can find on TV.  We moved here two years ago, and he hasn’t worked a day, and we are finally down to one moving box that still needs to be broken down and put out for recycling.

I think I get the most bitter about his passive aggressive excuses or not doing something, when it’s something to do with my safety or taking care of me. The headlights on our car were aimed too far down and at night they didn’t illuminate much of the road. We live in a place with no streetlights. I was coming home from a weekly bible study and could have killed myself due to the lack of vision. I had to actually nag and get angry almost everyday to get the passive aggressive to take some action and fix them. It’s times like that that make me realize he really doesn’t care anything about what happens to me.

What kind of excuses for the passive aggressive’s procrastination do you get around your house? Oh yeah, “I forgot” is still prevalent here. LOL


A Passive Aggressive Catch Phrase

Yes, there are “catch phrases” that seem to be inherent in most passive aggressives. Sometimes I think I’ll scream if I hear one more time “I’m such an idiot” with head hung low.  Lately I just say “Yeah, you are.”

Prime example. I think I mentioned we were down to one car because the other had broken down and it was going to cost about $400 just for parts. Before that car broke down I had mentioned about how low it was in the back and how it seemed to be coming up off the ground in the front, you know, like when something is heavily overloaded. The passive aggressive pretty much ignored me.  When he finally said the car was broken down, it was because of a leak in the air bag in the rear.

Evidently I wasn’t the only one that mentioned how low the back end was. His son also had asked him what he was carrying that was so heavy in the trunk. The passive aggressive ignored him also.

We’re moving today, and so yesterday I asked him how he planned on moving that car or I was calling someone to pay us $100 and haul it away. In order to do that we had to empty the vehicle and get all of his tools, etc. out of it.  Once we did that, miracle of miracles, the car’s just fine. LOL. He drove it to our new place without any problem at all! Come to find out he had approx. 200lbs. of tools in the trunk that consistently sat on the airbag until it just couldn’t take it anymore. Even having the car unusable was better than taking my suggestion that there was too much stuff in the trunk and removing some of it. We’ve been with only one car now for a couple of months.

And what did he say after his son and I reminded him that both of us tried to tell him? “I’m such an idiot. Don’t make me feel more embarrassed than I already am.” Hey Baby, you should be embarrassed! LOL, and I should be really pissed! Instead it’s just another prime example of passive aggressive behavior.

The other “catch phrase” that the passive aggressive boyfriend uses to get out of stuff, and this one also drives me crazy is “How do I do that? I’ve just never done that before.” This one is used for even the simplest of tasks. Just because you “never have” doesn’t mean “you can’t” is what I respond with now.

What kind of  passive aggressive catch phrases do you get? Does this sound familiar?