Obama- A Passive Aggressive Narcissist?

Pres. Obama

What’s he thinking?

You think Obama’s a passive aggressive narcissist?

I want to start this out by saying 1) If I offend anyone, that is not my intent. 2) I mean no one any disrespect including the President and/or his wife.

Sometimes it’s just fun to let your mind wander, which mine has over the last several days. Actually it’s probably been longer than that, since for some reason this president seems to be able to push through what he wants with or without Congress.

I don’t care if you’re a fan of Obama or not, I would think we all would agree that he is definitely a narcissist.  I think he has a fully overgrown image of himself and his abilities (that he doesn’t need Congress). It’s like a King and his subjects. What’s unfortunate is that we, the American people keep reinforcing that image.  It’s just a bit scary because the branches of the government were originally designed to be a “checks and balances” for each of the other branches. (Didn’t mean to go on a political rant there. Just sayin’..)

I also think that most of us here are experienced enough to know that personality disorders have a way of overlapping, especially for passive aggressive personality disorders. Do you ever wonder if Michelle has to put up with a passive aggressive at home? LOL.

I guess if you’re Michelle and you ask the President to do something and he doesn’t do it, she could just ask one of her 21 assistants, or someone on the White House wait staff. Actually, as I’m talking this out, what would you ask the President to do that you couldn’t get done by someone else, except posing for “family moments” or sex. LOL.

And what about withholding sex? During my research there is a lot out there that says this is highly possible, but then who can you believe? So many people that claim to be close to the President or close to the First Lady just want to see their big mouths in print. The National Enquirer does state the First Lady did visit a lawyer 3 different times to discuss the possibilities of divorce. The National Enquirer you say, but hey, they have broken more stories when everyone else was saying “hogwash”. For all the “hogwash” you don’t hear of them getting sued a whole lot for misinformation. (I know, they’re just a rag).  LOL.

Believe it or not, I started this a few days ago and really didn’t mean it to come out on the eve of Obama’s second inauguration but here we are.

It’s been fun just to think about. What are your thoughts on President Obama being a narcissistic passive aggressive?


10 Responses

  1. Now You are just pushing it….All this while I was really interested in your blog ,but going to the president and his family is just enough…. ,who cares what his life is or is not!!! God… people who go through the presidential elections are going through a lot and have to be smarter than the general population (like you and me!)
    If you are better than him then you could have challenged him ,but did not and chose to be with your PA Spouse!!
    I am not for or against the presidents in general, I am an independant..the best man wins …
    I think your focus needs to be on your family and how can you life afloat living with this kind of a spouse……

    • Parul- As I said when I started the post, it was not meant to offend anyone including the President and his wife. I’m sorry to have upset you so much. It was just meant to be like a “daydream”. I don’t claim to be better than him, smarter than him, nor would I want his job. I was just commenting on something I had been toying around with in my brain.

      If you could not see that most of the post was meant in jest, maybe this isn’t the place for you. Thank you for letting me know your thoughts.

  2. Ladybeams, I have thought what you have expressed for a while now. Since my experience with PAs, I am getting good at spotting the signs. Blessings,

    • Linda- Thank you for your input. Apparently I upset a few people, but I know there are many others who feel close to the same as I do. Usually it comes out in conversation rather than my blog. LOL.

  3. Your post doesn’t sound like like you are joking at all. What a ridiculous post. The part that irks me the most is saying the president thinks he doesn’t need congress and calling him a narcissist. I thought your blog would be a lot of use to me, helpful for my situation but now I wonder if you really even know what you are talking about. When you have to put a disclaimer to your post asking people not to get offended then maybe you should step back and look closely at what you are really saying.

    • Natalie- Thank you for your input. I will definitely take your advice under consideration. In the meantime you may want to look up the meaning of Narcissist.

    • Oh grow up Natalie. Is our dear leader so “precious” he’s immune from criticism? This blog is about PA and IMO he’s a passive aggressive narcissist and a borderline sociopath.

      FAR worse things were said about dear old Bush. Remember the statement there is an village in Texas missing an idiot (talking about Bush). Don’t get me wrong I didn’t like him either.

      • I certainly don’t think he is precious. I’m just not that impressed with ladybeam’s explanation. I don’t think that means I need to grow up.

  4. Hi Ladybeams,

    I do not get to watch Obama that closely, as I live in Australia. We are like the rest of the world affected by US policy, however.

    I think that Obama is an ideologue, which has made him unneccessarily divisive and as a leader he has failed to step up to the plate. Contrast this with being a skilled politician who knows how to get noticed and elected.

  5. A little strident. Many if not all politicians, actors, and those in the public eye are driven by an excessive need to be liked. Yes, sometimes this is Narcissism.

    But it disappoints me how often it is overlooked that Obama is an only child. Furthermore, one raised without a father. This can lead to stubborn, insular behavior and a need for approval. But not necassarily Narcissism.

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