Judge Judy’s Favorite New Words: Passive Aggressive

Hi at long last to everyone. Sorry to have been away so long. I think I’ve basically been holding my own ‘pity-party’ for awhile and just didn’t feel like talking. It’s not like all the passive aggressives just went out of my life, LOL, just been rather isolated and dealing with a new set of problems. But I’m here now, have approved all the comments so they could be seen. Deleted some 1653 spam entries (holy cow!), and am ready to move on.

I love watching ‘The People’s Court’ and ‘Judge Judy’ on TV. Even though Judy can be a real witch, I like her no-nonsense approach to the law. Same with Judge Milian, “the hottest judge on television” LOL.

I would have to disagree with one of Judy’s favorite sayings is “that if it doesn’t make sense, it probably isn’t true”. Well, she obviously hasn’t lived a life like mine, because my saying is more like “truth is stranger than fiction. I can’t make this stuff up!”

Lately, on Judge Judy’s new court cases (she does have a lot of re-runs), I’ve noticed her describing some of her plaintiffs/defendants attitudes as ‘passive aggressive‘. It’s like she has just discovered it. She must have said that to at least 3 different people in the cases she handled last week.

Of course, every time I hear it, the hair on the back of my neck goes up. Maybe for all the years people have been tossing the words around, knowledge of it is going to make it into the mainstream. Passive aggressiveness has always been treated sort of like people that are mentally abused in any way, like it’s all made up. I believe it is because people are uneducated. Unless people have been there themselves, there is no way they can understand.

I got such a kick out of Judge Judy’s favorite new words being ‘passive aggressive’ I just had to share. LOL.


7 Responses

  1. I think you should contact Judge Judy give her the real low-down.

    • Hey Sista- So nice to hear from you. I know this is a rough time of year, but I hope you’re doing well. I’ll have to give a call or shoot you an e-mail. You still at your daughter’s?
      I miss you.

  2. I am a HUGE Judge Judy fan. I have way more experience with PAs than my personality type can (should) handle. I think she is using the term well when she applies it. She has used it over the years, but yes, she hammered out a few recent shows where she cut somebody a new @ for tap dancing around the subject. Nothing in the universe is more hurtful in a relationship than refusing to answer a simple question with a straight answer. In a courtroom, it shouldn’t happen.

    • Val- Good to hear from you. With the way she’s really been hammering at people lately with the passive aggressive thing, don’t you get the feeling she must have experienced something “up close and personal” that really ticked her off? LOL. I hadn’t realized she’s used it so much through out the years, but it’s like all of sudden WOW, she’s letting someone know she “gets it”.

      Thanks so much for the comment. And you’re right, it shouldn’t happen anywhere, but in a courtroom…It always cracks me up when they think they can get around her. Judy’s pretty assertive about people “just answer the question”. Maybe that’s what we should be doing. LOL

  3. hey, maybe her husband or son is passive aggressive…hhhmmmmm…

    • Sally- LOL. All of a sudden I’m thinking somebody close to her is and ticked her off. LOL

      • Well, her husband and she have had a few issues, divorcing and then remarrying. I watched them both when Jerry was the judge on the People’s Court. I also listened to a few interviews. There are undercurrents there. I do recall Judge Judy making a few comments about their relationship that led me to believe he was PA. ALSO, if you watch their on screen demeanour, Jerry is the good guy, and Judy is the wicked witch. Like a well armed PA, he displays an even temper. Casual observers ask, “What’s a nice guy like him doing with a shrew like her?”. You can see Judy has a conversational tack which doesn’t allow for the typical PA wiggle room, non answers and obfuscation as she attempts to direct discussions to the point and keep them there. THAT is how my conversations go with PAs I have known. So, it’s my OPINION that her hubby is possibly a PA.

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