Logical Thinking: Passive Aggressives (Not)

Hey Everyone! Can’t tell you how much I have missed you! OH MY GOSH! Talk about being in a *#@)*$) mess. LOL.

My usual MO is to answer all the comments first, and then to write a post if I have the energy or the time. Tonight, because it’s been awhile, I’m ranting first, then I will go answer comments, although I did approve the ones that were there so everyone can see them and respond.

For all those who have been with me for awhile, I finally brought my mother home. She went those several months in the hospital where they wanted me to “pull the plug” to rehab, and now she’s here. She’s fine. Her brains are fully (or almost for being 80) in tact, and if they had taken better care of her in the hospital, her body would be better, but we’re working on that.

In the meantime, I am not only living with my passive aggressive boyfriend, but the little old lady (my girlfriend down the street who is also 80) has turned out to be quite the little passive aggressive also.

Am I supposed to be learning something here? LOL. Am I passive aggressive. I don’t think so. I’ve told each of them about their behavior. (Although neither knows about my ranting here. LOL) Is God putting me in Passive Aggressive Hell so I’ll learn more? Is there a lesson I’m not getting? LOL.

The passive aggressive BF is as passive aggressive as always. I have been thinking about a lot of other “fun” things lately, but since I don’t advocate cheating…LOL.

UPDATE:Since first starting this draft-
Actually the way I started this still fits. I figured I better write so everyone knows I’m not dead. LOL. Again I have approved all the comments, and am so glad to see all the help you give each other when I’m missing in action. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. That’s exactly what this blog was supposed to encourage (especially since I don’t have all the answers. LOL).

The incidents of passive aggressive behavior are too numerous to remember, let alone mention when I’m not blogging regularly. I will share one that stands out because it’s been ongoing and came to a head the other day.

We are poor as church mice, as many are these days. The type of job the PABF has, on occasion, has him cleaning floor displays. The company he works for sucks. For example, to celebrate 1 yr. with the company they offered him a buy 1 get 1 free if he bought company shirts. LOL. For the past yr. up until a couple of months ago, he has been taking paper towels and glass cleaner from our house for his job. One day he didn’t have what he needed and low and behold the stores issue him the supplies he needs. He still was taking stuff from the house.

One day I reached for paper towels and there weren’t any. A couple days later I went to get the window cleaner and he had switched an empty bottle for a full one. When I said something to him, he pulled the usual “really? I didn’t even realize I had done that.”

How can you not realize something you physically did like that? When the paper towels went missing again, I asked him what he didn’t understand about his company vs. us paying for his supplies. They only work him part time. His paychecks would be bigger if he was babysitting, and he feels he should pay for supplies? I think not!

Yesterday I brought home a big package of paper towels. My glass cleaner is from Amway, so it’s good stuff. I told him if I saw either one walking out the door whether he realized it or not, I would become violent. LOL. Then he had enough nerve to take offense! Cracks me up.

I know it sounds petty, but that’s how driven to distraction I’ve gotten. LOL. All I hear these days is Dr. Phil in the background going “And how’s that workin’ for you?” Trying to look for logical thinking from a passive aggressive? NOT.


5 Responses

  1. I lost it at “And how’s that workin’ for ya?” LOL

  2. “Really? I didn’t even realize I had done that.”

    That is the second most frequent phrase in this household. The first is, “No, I didn’t,” with that look on his face that just DARES me to prove him wrong… and that means it is my “job” to provide him with evidence more concrete than a court of law requires.

    “And how’s that workin’ for you?”

    Honestly, it isn’t. I must still foolishly have at least a shred of hope, though, because I am still here. :/

    • Kat- Welcome and thanks for your input. A lot of us are “still here” and don’t know why. LOL.

  3. Today he threatened to refuse to even talk to me for a week… after having left alone on a week long trip for biz that we were to combine with a visit to family.

    Then he screamed at me all of my “problems”. He stated that I care so much about what other people think about me, and that I have to force them to let me tell them what I think. In reality, I don’t give a rats ass what others think of me and my life choices demonstrate that consistently. I also have a lot of opinions and thoughts and I write aboutthem and openly discuss them, but I don’t expect an audience. In fact, finding out anyone reads or hears my shared thoughts is usualland usually surprising. He cares immensely what others think about him because his self esteem is based on it.

    He screams at and ridicules me for for something that is inaccurate pertaining to me and exactly accurate pertaining to him.

    • yet again- Hi, and thank you for sharing your story and your reasoning. I will not comment as you have already stated that your reasons are yours and yours alone.

      What I will comment on is the accusations that he screams at you, reflecting how he feels. I have found through the years, the same ends up being true of unreasonable jealousy. Usually if a man is extremely jealous and flinging unfounded accusations, it’s usually him that’s cheating. They know what they are thinking and doing, so they figure everyone is the same.

      Good luck to you. You do sound very resolved in how you are handling this. Hopefully you’ve found a way to express yourself, let the hurt out constructively somehow, so that it doesn’t affect your health. We need outlets (support systems). Feel free to share your thoughts anytime.

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