Passive Aggressive Offspring…

Just a quick note here before I get on with the subject- it just amazes me the spam, and the kind of spam I get in the comments section here. Between penis enlargements, hard-core porn links, and other languages I can’t read so I have no idea if they are porn or not, it just amazes me. LOL.  (The end of note)

We have had one of my passive aggressive boyfriend‘s sons with us for a few months while he’s straightening out some stuff in his life. He’s a great guy and been a blessing to us on more than one occasion. The passive aggressive boyfriend actually has 3 sons, and one hasn’t spoken to me in a long time unless he’s just really desperate. (I’ve already told that story) This one and I have always got along really well, but as of late he’s seeming just a bit testy. Makes me think of that old saying “friends, fish and family all smell after 3 days”.

I’ve always thought he had a great heart and was pretty up front about everything. I’m starting to do a lot more thinking about passive aggressive offspring. I asked him if he was angry with me over anything, if there was something I had done, but he says no.  I’m wondering if he figures whatever he is upset with me about is so small it’s not worth bringing up, or if he’s not upset with me particularly, I’m just the one that feels it? Or I guess it could just be me, but I don’t think so.

Does any of the above sound familiar? It sounds like just what we all have been through before we realized what we were dealing with, yes? Second guessing, wondering what we did wrong, blah, blah, blah. Which is one of the reasons I’m starting to think that he may have picked up some traits from his passive aggressive father, versus me being nuts. LOL. Although, unlike his father he does have a good understanding of what passive aggressive is.

Which, parents of young children, if you’re living with a passive aggressive spouse, you may not know the effects on them for years. Guard your children’s emotional and mental health. It only goes to figure that passive aggressive parents would produce passive aggressive offspring.


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