Just a Quickie

Just posting this really quick to let everyone know I’m still out here. LOL. Have to run right now, but have approved all comments, and even commented on one or two. Will explain and write more later.

Hope every one is doing well. I think about you often. Talk soon.


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  1. My ‘quickie’ comment- I just had a LOL moment regarding dealing w/my PA. (I attempt to find humor wherever I can). I have stated b/f that I now document EVERYTHING – and tonight it paid off (sort of)… when he repeated a behavior that I’ve addressed MULTIPLE times I did something new. Instead of composing a new email addressing the same issue again, I simply brought up an old one and forwarded it to him. Didn’t even attempt to hide the fact that I was forwarding it – I added a ‘please read this again’ statement. No need to reinvent the wheel, eh?

    And, we have a counseling appt coming up. It is a GREAAAAAAT feeling to be able to walk into that room with tangible, concrete, PRINTED proof of his pattern. I don’t expect him to change, but I at least have proof that this is HIM, not me, and that I’m completely justified in not believing his ‘I’m sorry it’ll never happen again’ – I literally have four ‘I’m sorry it won’t happen again’ responses from him, each about 4-6 months apart.

    I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend each of you trying to put tangibility to this evasive personality type start documenting. I’ve been doing it for over two solid years and am just now starting to get some steady, reliable data.

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