The Passive Aggressive Whipping Boy

Hey everyone! I’ve missed you. We’ve been moving for the last “forever” and it took awhile for me to get back online. Because of the move is how I came up with the title here “The Passive Aggressive Whipping Boy”.

First of all, let me say that the passive aggressive boyfriend has been a total workhorse through this whole move and been amazing once he got going. We moved everything ourselves with a rented truck out of necessity to keep costs down as low as possible. For an “old man” he does pretty damn good. LOL.

Where I find a problem is when he gets a little tired, I can’t say anything without him coming up with this “I didn’t mean to make you mad” of “I didn’t mean to upset you”.

I’m getting where I hate that! This little wimpy voice, head hung low. Good grief! You’ve been with me for over 10 yrs. and you can’t tell when I’m mad? Trust me, I am not quiet nor demure when I’m pissed. Finally, last night I just said “You know, just because I ask a question about what the plan is or make a remark, doesn’t mean I’m angry and I am really getting tired of you treating me like your my whipping boy or something. You act like I beat you every night”.

Of course by then he gets it that I’m not happy even if I’m not mad, and he wants to be affectionate. Not much, just a little, but more than I’ve had for months. I think maybe just a little too little too late, thanks.

I think the next time he pulls that I’m going to be like that king in one of the old Mel Brookes movies and just wave a white towel ” Oh passive aggressive whipping boy”.


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