Happy New Year To My Special Friends!

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I can’t tell you how much all of you mean to me, all the support you’ve given, etc. I wish I was rich enough to get all of you a special “something” for Christmas, but unfortunately that wasn’t in the cards this year. LOL. But…

Every year I get a notification about a “Self Improvement Giveaway“. This is where all the gifts are digital, or at least most of them. You click on something you are interested in, and they will usually ask your name and email address, and then they will send you a link to download directly to your computer. I love this event, and I do a lot of studying of a couple of the “gurus” in charge of it.

I am passing the link on to you. I just want you to know the following first:

1) When you sign up for free, they will send you to a page where they want you to buy something. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, there is a “no thank you” button to check before you hit submit. You don’t have to buy anything.

2) If you pass on that offer, you may get one more that is about the same thing at a cheaper price. Once again, if you scroll to the bottom you don’t have to buy anything.

3) If you do buy anything, I may get a small commission, but obviously that’s not why I’m doing this or I wouldn’t warn you about it and how to get around it. LOL.

4) They will send you an email with a password after you put in your email address. You will have to confirm through that email to get in. Just “copy” your password from the email and paste in the password section. You should know the email address you signed up with.

5) Once you get in, there are over 800 products, all free. All sorts of stuff on self esteem, weight, etc. It really is a treasure trove of self improvement products. Anything you choose will ask for your email. When you submit, it basically signs you up for emails from that person (whoever the donar of the gift was). It’s ok. If you want to receive the emails, great. If you don’t, than you can “unsubscribe” any time after you get your gift.

Anytime I’ve been a part of this in the past, I have loved it! There is usually some really good and uplifting material, and the best part is it’s all free! I have never had a problem downloading stuff to my computer from one of these, and this is the 5th one. I also have very good security on my computer, but I would say that this stuff is safe.

I hope you find something useful or enjoyable, or both. Good luck, and a belated Merry Christmas!


3 Responses

  1. Happy New Year. Wow things have been busy for you it seems. An update on my son. He is making strides. You did hit the nail on the head when you said there was a girl in the picture. He met a girl that he really likes that has a lot of common sense. She made some bad choices in life, but really learned from all her mistakes and she’s still young enough to make good in life. She has the drive to do better and seems to be taking my son along for the ride. He is striving to do better as well. They are talking about school and their plans. I think the biggest problem they will have is that she is picking out his clothes and planning his future (kind of like a mommy). I don’t mind at all at this point cause it’s moving him along at more rapid pace that I was moving him along, but eventually I want him to be a man and make his own decisions. Because at some point in time, she will resent him because he won’t be a take charge kind of guy. She will get tired of making all the decisions, and all the plans, and doing all the work associated with those plans, etc. We had lunch today. He is such a loving child now that he is living his life. He never fails to tell me he loves me and he appreciates me. I’ll catch up you on other aspects of my life later. I hope things with the trailer go well. And it does sound like your BF is going to be helpful in getting it in shape.

    • Hey PA’s Mom- Happy New Year to you! So nice to hear from you. Sounds like your son is doing great. God Bless them whatever turns their lives around, aye? If you’re worried about her resenting him eventually as you say, maybe one of these times you can just ask him if he ever plans a date for the two of them, or takes the upper hand? Maybe gently let him know that women appreciate that type of thing as long as it doesn’t become a dictatorship. He’s young still and probably could use a little help in that department since his father was more of an example of what not to do.

      I think it’s wonderful that you have your son back, the one you always knew was inside there. Congrats on not giving up!
      Take care, and I hope things are going well for you as well. I’m anxious to hear what you’ve been up to.

      • What great suggestions. I think I will do just that. I can tell she and I are a lot alike. We have a need to control our environment because of whatever uncertainty that we have had in our lives. I recognize that in myself. And I found the person that was willing to let me take charge. Over the years I resented having to do it all. At Christmas my son and his girlfriend were here. He made some comment about having her do something and I quickly told him “She’s not your mommy”. I just hope it gave them food for thought. I really do like this young woman and whether or not they continue together I think she is going to bring him far along. In some ways it would be better if they didn’t do the forever thing because she needs to learn not to be so controlling and he needs to learn to be more assertive. He has a lot of wisdom in his own quiet way. He recognizes the dynamic of their relationship but it meets the needs he has. Whereas my attempts to better himself resulted in resentment, her attempts are paying dividends. I’ll keep you posted.

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