Passive Aggressive’s Aren’t All Bad. LOL.

Okay, so I harp on how much my passive aggressive annoys me, etc. so I am going to take this one time to say that this passive aggressive isn’t all bad. I’ve learned there are 2 things that work for him, sports and cooking.

I have to say a special “Thank you” to him for saving my butt yesterday and it turned out to be absolutely great. Wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t taken some initiative.

We were going to his kid’s for Thanksgiving, but before we went I had promised dressing for the church Thanksgiving dinner. I ended up having to go to the store (I had forgotten butter) and it took longer than expected. By the time I got home he had all the veggies cut and the broth going for the stuffing. I gave him the margarine, he told me to go get my shower, and by the time I was out he had it all done.

Now mind you, I didn’t expect him to do anything. I would have been really pissed if he hadn’t, but I didn’t expect it.

So, just for yesterday, or today, for all my griping and complaining, once again the passive aggressive saved my butt for the holiday dinner. You can always tell if you hit on something they like, which he loves to cook and all the kudos that go with it. Passive aggressive’s aren’t all bad.

(Don’t worry. I’ll be back to normal tomorrow. lol)

5 Responses

  1. Laughing out loud is right! especially about you coming back…..
    I must say that it was nice of him, but don’t you- just a LITTLE bit – already know (and I’m sure you do) that it won’t last? At least this time he stepped up to bat. Good for him. Ideally it is all we want to be supported when we need it and give support when it is needed to someone else….It’s called balance and is vital in a relationship. I am so glad your holiday was balanced this time.
    It would be nice to have that confidence that they would always be there for us (as we have been for them for so long), but the carrot dangles in front of you most of the time, just to be pulled away at the last minute when you need it most. Insecurity, confusion, and unavailability is what they give us.
    But again, he did good this time…..
    Wondering if it will continue is the difficult part. Uncertainty is the concern, and yanking us in and out for their needs is the control.
    Neverthless, good for him, glad it went well for you and was a bit more “normal” this time.

    • jmarie- Thanks. Not to worry. I’m not fooling myself into thinking this could ever be the “norm”. In fact I was shocked, but there are times he knows that if I need something and he’s spent all his time in front of the TV watching football, there’s going to be a problem. He’s seen me rip the cable right out of the wall on my son. He probably didn’t want the same thing to happen to him. LOL. One good holiday does not make up for years of unfulfilled needs and lack of responsibility, and I certainly know this isn’t any indication that there is any changing afoot. It just means I got lucky for one day because the one thing I needed happened to be something he loves to do.

  2. I just gotta ask it…how does your BF feel about this blog?? 🙂 If I started a blog that basically vented and griped about my husband, and he found out, whooooboy, would he be mad. But then again, he also doesn’t believe he’s PA or has any issues at all. Does your BF know he’s PA?

    (You might have talked about these things earlier in your blog, but I just haven’t seen them…)

    • Amy- LOL. No he doesn’t know about the blog, or he doesn’t let me know he knows. He has googled me, and I know if he was to dig deep enough, he would see it, but there are a lot of other people with my name on the internet so that helps. I’m sure he would be terribly embarrassed, that’s why I try to keep it pretty anonymous. None of our friends know I have this blog, I don’t tell anyone that knows us personally. I check often to make sure it doesn’t show up on our huge social networks or anything like that, which is probably one of the reasons why it is still as small as it is. When I say he’s acting passive aggressively, he denies it like crazy, and sometimes even says about if he hears it “one more time”, but he can’t hardly deny it when I point out the behavior that makes me say it. LOL.

  3. Why do they bury passive aggressives 10 feet under?

    Because, deep down, they’re really good people.

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