“Innerbonding” A New Weapon Against PAs?

As I read a lot of the comments here (thank you all who have contributed so much), a lot of us are asking the same questions. What in me is causing me to fall for him/her? Why can’t I break away from the passive aggressive? What causes me to want to hold on to the passive aggressive spouse/ boyfriend/ parent? Who am I anymore?

In my travels around the web, I ran across the site “Innerbonding“. While we may not be able to cure the passive aggressives in our lives, we can certainly do what we can to heal ourselves from the hurt they have caused.

They have a free 7 day e-course for you to get a taste of what they do. They also are conducting free teleclasses, which the subject matter looks very interesting to me, especially for some of us here. There is a class tonite at 8 pm Pacific time and I know you won’t really have time to get on that one, but the one I am interested in making sure you know about is on Sept. 16 at 6:00 PM Pacific time titled “How To Know When To Leave A Relationship“. This class is FREE of charge and will be conducted by Dr. Margaret Paul, one of the founders of the site.To register, just click here and scroll down. Be sure and register for any other classes you may find of interest while you are there.

This is a membership site. I have not joined as a member, but there is a ton of great info on here for free as far as articles, newsletters, etc. They also have many different products, “The Relationship Toolbox”, etc. that you are able to purchase. She also conducts groups that are conducted by telephone at $50 per 90 minute session, but again the ones I’m most interested in are FREE.

They also have a site called “Self-Quest” that you may want to go roam around in. Obviously not every thing is going to be a “cure all” for everyone, but if you have been doing some soul searching lately you may want to check these two sites out.  If they ask, you can tell them Ladybeams sent you. If you purchase anything, it’s possible I’ll make a small commission, but as I said, there is a ton of free stuff on there to take advantage of.

Hope you find something helpful there.


2 Responses

  1. I can tell you this much; my ‘weapon’ has been to learn to recognize the patterns. By doing that I have been able to predict, with surprising accuracy, when to expect PA behavior to appear. I’m AMAZED at how much directly connected it all is; a pretty solid 1:1 ratio. Knowing how he will react (and preparing accordingly) has literally taken all the power out of it for me. I can’t explain it much more better than that; now that I can predict him, he’s completely powerless over me and my life… pretty much the opposite of the ‘slot machine’ concept… huh. Interesting…

    • Peggy- I felt the same way. When I started this blog, it was because their behavior is basically so predictable once you know what you’re dealing with. Then it’s a matter of protecting yourself, allowing for his behavior so that it doesn’t upset you any more. Just between you and me and the fence post, my father was a bum. I fought with him most of the time I was growing up. Then I grew up. I realized I had 2 choices, either accept him as he was, and knowing how he was not letting that hurt me, or get him out of my life. I loved him dearly, so I chose the former, but I dealt with it knowing who and what he was. Maybe that’s part of what prepared me for where I am now.

      If you’ve been with someone for any length of time and they have always been a certain way, why would you expect them to one day wake up and be a totally different person? Thanks once again for your great insite, Peggy. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

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