The Passive Aggressive And The New Job

men workThat’s right. After 2 yrs. of being on the unemployment rolls, it looks like the passive aggressive BF might have a new job. I should be thrilled, but I have to admit I am a little concerned.

The new job is fairly physical, so I know I can look forward to him dragging in every night like he’s going to die. That’s a given, especially in the beginning since he hasn’t done much physically in ages. Now that we have a gardener, he doesn’t even have to do yard work. LOL.

What concerns me more is he will basically be working on his own, going from job to job, being told what to do and how it is to be done. While I think he will be good at what he’s going to be doing, I’m a little uneasy about the resentment that comes to passive aggressives so naturally when being ordered about. One of the reasons he was let go at his last job was because something the boss thought was very important, the BF did not. The BF resented the fact that the boss would come get him to take care of it instead of doing it himself, and this became a strong point of contention between the two of them. The passive aggressive BF should have just assigned the task to one of his underlings, and both would have been happy. Instead it became more of a power struggle, and of course, the boss had all the power.

The BF will sort of be like an independent contractor in the way that he’ll go from job to job and work on his own, but yet he is an employee of the company. I know if I hired a contractor, told him how I wanted something, and he just did what he wanted figuring I didn’t know what I was talking about, I’d fire his butt. I’m hoping that’s not the fate here. It’s especially scary because at the same time it’s a customer service type job, so essentially he’ll have a lot of bosses.

Oh well, no point in borrowing trouble. For now I’ll just relish the thought that Yeah! The passive aggressive has a new job! LOL


4 Responses

  1. God! I identify with this! My husband has been made ‘redundant’ from two teaching jobs in 3 years, and I am now realising his PA has a lot to do with this. Of course, none of it his fault – his bosses are idiots! I’ve had to pick up the pieces of this last one financially for some months now…..

    • Confused and Scared- I’m sorry to hear about your husband, but I can tell you it may take awhile this time to find another job. I had to be on the BF constantly to see about new training at the Employment Development Department, get on him about getting into this program called “Connect” to teach him how to do a resume in today’s world, and for networking, etc. etc. I even made him go put a profile up on LinkedIn. Trust me, they are very passive aggressive when it comes to looking for work also. I don’t know how teaching jobs are going where you are, but here in California it’s awful. I wish you luck and will keep you both in my prayers.

  2. So happy to hear your boyfriend has a job. I hope this raises his spirits and lightens your load.

    • Hi PA’s Mom- Thank you so much for the good wishes. So nice to hear from you.

      Yes, even though every day he comes dragging in as if he’s just escaped from hell, LOL, I think it is good for him. He says it does feel good to be working again and to be out amongst people. He seems to be really putting himself into this and he’s really a very good employee when it comes to showing up early, working for the company type things.

      We’re adjusting schedule-wise. I have to give him credit. He did a good job taking care of a lot of the shopping and cooking and now I’m back to making time for it, but it’s ok. I’ve seen a definite difference for me since he’s not hanging around the house all the time also. LOL.

      Hope things are going well for all of you. Are you enjoying life these days? Love to hear from you anytime.

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