Tonite-A Little Passive aggressive Smack Talk

Happy Day, every one! Just wanted to remind you of a couple of things.

1) Today is the last day for the “Self Improvement Giveaway” so if you haven’t gone there and picked out your free gifts, you may want to do it now. The link is to the right.

2)Also tonight is the night when a colleague of mine over at Passive Aggressive Husband and I get together to discuss the questions that have plagued anyone that has a relationship with a passive aggressive spouse, partner, etc. Please join us for a great discussion about the why, what, and how of coping with the passive aggressive in your life. You can go to Passive Aggressive Husband now and sign up.

I hope we hear from you on the call. Just remember, all I have to offer is experience and common sense. I am not a therapist, doctor of anything, blah, blah, blah. LOL. Nora is a Ph.D though, so you’ll be getting a point of view from both sides.


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