Examples of Holiday Passive Aggressive Behavior

Okay, everyone survive Thanksgiving? Are we all alive, out of jail, and accounted for after another passive aggressive holiday? LOL. Well I made it and he’s still breathing so I’m here to talk about it.

I should let you know that it may not be much longer that he’s still breathing and I’m out of jail to talk about it because I may be forced to quit smoking, so the rubber may hit the road real fast. LOL.

This Thanksgiving we went to a girlfriend’s about 30 miles away. It’s a pretty scary trip over the hill under good conditions.  Our car needs a new master cylinder for the brakes. While he’s changed the brake pads and bleed the system the brakes still go almost all the way to the floor.  He was going to change the master cylinder with the last paycheck, which he never did. Did I happen to mention that I usually drive this car? Which he leaves with no gas and forgets to tell me? LOL. So I start asking him on Monday about driving over the hill on Thurs. and I get the usual “Oh I forgot”.

On Wednesday I bring it up again. I get “the brakes will be fine”. So I informed him that he was driving on Thursday over this mountain to my girlfriend’s house. I also let him know if anything happened I would haunt him until he relented and just died. I know. Sounds pretty vicious doesn’t it? And what’s worse is he knows I’m strong-willed enough to carry it out. LOL. But to me careening over the side of a cliff because you don’t have brakes because he “forgot”, ain’t such a pretty picture either.

Well, needless to say I’m safe and sound, here to talk about it, but …

Why should we have been worried about the brakes to start with? Because somebody doesn’t pay attention? Because somebody likes to have control? Because somebody can’t be relied upon?

And as another example of passive aggressive behavior, we made it all the way home without me “backseat driving” “bitching” or anything else, because I buried my head, said a lot of prayers and read a little. We were almost home and the passive aggressive boyfriend stops at our local liquor store to grab some beer. No problem. But all of a sudden, he gets in the car, and takes off down the driveway as if he’d robbed the place (trust me, no way) and I’m hearing the crunch of the bottom of the car, my head is hitting the ceiling, and it scared the hell out of me. Ok, so my language isn’t very nice when I’m “out of control” upset. So after my suppleratives, I hear “almost made it”.

I knew exactly what he meant. He meant he almost made it home without pissing me off with his driving. I could have let that remark slide, let him think he was the victim of my wrath, but not a chance. I heard that and just said “and you had to go ahead and screw it up, didn’t you?”

There’s no way I’m taking the blame for him taking off and going out of the driveway like some idiot teenager. And I’m not letting him slide with snide remarks that he says loud enough for me to “basically” hear, but not enough to address. BS! If they’re going to say it, they may as well live it!

Ok. I’ve ranted. How was your Thanksgiving with all of your passive aggressive people, be it at work, or at home? “They walk amongst us”. LOL


2 Responses

  1. Fortunately for my family, my PA husband was very well behaved and actually very pleasant to be around. That could have something to do with his mother warning him two days in advance that she wanted a nice holiday and everyone better be in good spirits, by god!

    He is also excited, as am I, to find out what the sex of our baby is on Monday. Yes, I somehow managed to get pregnant again (this will be our 2nd and last child), but probably because he knows that the only way for him to have a child is for him to actually have sex with me. LOL

    • Hi Stacy- I haven’t heard from you in awhile. Welcome back and congratulations on the new baby coming. I’m glad things seem to be a little better for you and that you had a nice Thanksgiving. Sounds like your MIL got her message across. LOL.

      I hope things are working out for you. How does he treat you now that you’re pregnant again? Does it seem to make any difference? I’m just curious. I’m too old to go through that experience so I’m just curious if they react any differently.

      Take care of yourself and let us know what you find out. You know now, you have to keep stress to a minimum so you don’t have a cranky baby, right? LOL. I’ll keep you all in my prayers.

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