Passive Aggressives Around Me…


My cat

Poor Stevie


Passive Aggressives all around me. No wonder I’m nuts! LOL. What is that? “They walk amongst us”. Even my poor Psychokitty is passive aggressive. LOL. While she leans against me, or comes into the toilet when I’m in there, she’s dying to be petted and even will let me pull her tail to turn her so I can pet her,  she turns her back to me. If she faces me, she wants to bat at me. She cannot accept the love I want to show her, and she fights it.  She is fearful because her mother abandoned her when she was just a baby, baby kitten.

She cannot see too well and while those of us that love her have managed to work things out on her terms, we have not been really able to be as close as we would like because you never know when something we do may frighten


My PsychoKitty

her and she tries to claw our eyes out. She wouldn’t mean to, and she wants the love we have to give, but out of fear she strikes out and pushes the love she could be enjoying away. Sound familiar?



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