A Passive Aggressive Calling the Kettle Black

black kettle

Black kettle

It’s been so interesting watching the new inter-action between my passive aggressive mother and my passive aggressive boyfriend. My mother has always thought he was just the cat’s meow when we lived in the bigger house. They really didn’t have much interaction other than when he would cook and serve her dinner. She had her TV and a recliner with a table in her bedroom, so she didn’t really come out to the rest of the house much except to get a drink or something to eat. Since moving into a smaller place, now she comes out with us to sit and watch TV or read the paper. Now it’s a whole ‘nother story. LOL.

Yesterday afternoon she looked me dead in the face while the BF was gone and said “How did you ever get with him?” I said, not understanding what she was getting at “What do you mean?”

She says “Well, you know, he just doesn’t seem to fit your type. He never smiles, he’s always sighing or muttering under his breath, and he watches me like a hawk”, which was her real motivation for the question.

Actually I have told both of them that they should have found each other before the BF and I did because they make a much better couple. They are extremely alike. Now that their having to spend so much time together I’m seeing that that may not be a good thing. One thing they have in common is they both talk about each other behind each other’s backs, to me instead of to each other. It’s probably just as well as my mother is much more aggressive when confronted that the BF and she would probably eat his lunch. LOL.

So I just told her “I don’t know Ma, what attracted you?” She looks at me really funny.

“Gee, don’t you recognize him? He’s exactly like the love of your life, my Father!” She started to shake her head no, when I said “Oh yeah, they’re exactly alike. Dad used to do the same things. If you asked him to do something he would give this big sigh that said what an imposition you were, and then begrudgingly go ahead and do what it was you asked.  They are amazingly alike, and if Dad were still alive, he’d love the BF.”

That pretty much ended that conversation for the day. LOL.

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