Back Up And Running-Still With The PA

Hey Everyone! Hello world! Yeah, I’m now back up and running on a regular internet connection instead of on the free WiFi and life is okay! LOL.

First let me apologize to the people who left comments in the last several days. I’m terribly sorry it took so long to get your comments approved, and I will be answering each one of you as soon as I finish here. Thank you for your patience. I do realize life goes on whether I’m here or not, but I usually try to get to comments quickly. Now I’m “Comcastic” so it should be really quick. LOL. (Can’t tell I’m happy about being back on line, can you?)

Ohhh, I’ve missed everyone so much! Every day it seemed like something would happen that I wanted to share with you. I should have written down reminders. Then I would find myself wondering how you all were doing. We get some pretty good conversations going and I hated not being able to respond, but we’re good to go now.

We’re almost on the last leg of our moving. We have one more storage to clear out and then everything will be here. I have no clue where we are going to put everything, but after living in 1 hotel room for 4 months I feel blessed to have to worry about that.

Moving in here is probably one of the most trying situations I’ve had with the passive aggressive boyfriend so far. I’ve realized a few things that are like “new” discoveries even after being with him for so long. I think also my patience has worn a little thin with having so much to do and my business being on hold, etc.

Right now the passive aggressive seems to be in a “sniping” mood. He won’t say anything directly to me, but keeps making these little comments behind my back to my mother. I’m working on this one. I don’t tell him my mother tells me because I don’t want him turning on her. At the same time I’m wondering if he says the things he does in front of her so she will tell me. I don’t know. I just currently find a way to address the issue without involving her. At the same time I’m realizing what a little meddler my mother is. LOL.

Another BIG realization is even more how much like my father my passive aggressive boyfriend truly is. He’s also in the “one of these days I’ll do something right” mode which just irritates the hell out of me. My father used to use that when he knew he was wrong, he was caught, and he had no way out. “I know I’m a terrible father. I know I haven’t been the best…” Aaaaaa, can you hear me screaming? LOL.

I think that’s probably another reason why my patience is so short. I’ve been there, done that. I didn’t like it then. I hate it now. What really bothers me is I feel like he thinks all I do is bitch, but that’s truly not the case. I do like to “discuss” things like how we’re going to set up the livingroom, where things are going to go, etc. That’s the way it should be. I am really interested in his input. The passive aggressive really doesn’t like to discuss anything. He does things without thinking them through, then pulls the “woe is me” crap when it’s all screwed up.

I have so much to tell you, but this is already pretty long so I’ll save it for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next… LOL. I also have that review I promised on a short book I read on the passive aggressive, and remind me to tell you “the yard story”. LOL.

Have a happy Sunday and thank you all, again.


2 Responses

  1. Just a quick note to say that today is the first day of my life as an empty nester. Well so far so good, but you know its just way too early to call. My middle son started a new job in my old city and has a new roommate and I am so happy for him. After getting a college education he was pretty bummed out about not getting a job right out of college. He obviously wasn’t the only one in this boat, but it wore at his self-esteem. A good friend of mine and I are going shopping and out to eat on Saturday. Next week I am taking a few days off from work and visiting my married daughter and my college daughter who are both north of me and about two hours apart. Nothing new with my pa son, but as mentioned previously he seems to be trying to come into his own personhood. Our new hire seems to be heading quickly for termination. I can hear this person now complaining how unfair the work situation was and claiming no fault to the termination. A slacker quickly stands out on my jobsite and people move away isolating that person. No one wants to be mean, but we all are responsible for making sure the job gets done and if someone isn’t pulling their weight they quickly get dropped from the loop. Its really sad because everyone was very open to including this person. I don’t know if they will ever understand why they were fired. I hope you are having a wonderful time making your new home your own.

    • PA’s Mom- Glad to hear things are finally working out for your son. A lot of college kids are extremely disappointed to find out a good education didn’t really guarantee them anything. I’m not saying I don’t believe in college, I do. It’s just their whole lives all they hear is “get a good education, get a good job” like it’s automatic, and we know that’s not necessarily true these days.

      Glad to hear your making plans and doing things. It sounds like you have some actual “fun” planned. Good for you. Enjoy the heck out of yourself. LOL. As far as the co-worker, when I was in nursing we were like that. We had a really good crew that worked the day shift. If we got someone in that didn’t do their job it just meant that much more for everyone else. It didn’t take too long before they were out of there one way or another. Passive aggressive people just don’t realize how much they cut their own throats. I would hate to be ostracized where I worked. What a dreadful way to lead such a large part of your life.

      Slow but sure getting settled here. There’s so much to do I’m afraid my patience is a little thin with all the passive aggressive behavior. His patience is wearing also I can tell, because I keep calling him on it instead of letting him get away with it like he always has. Oh well…

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