The Tricks of the Passive Aggressive

It’s amazing to me when you know what to look for, how blatant some passive aggressive behavior is. It makes you wonder how you missed it in the beginning, but of course in the beginning it was well hidden, so you really didn’t have a chance.

During our little current stint as gypsies right now, moving from motel to motel based on what we can afford, some things just pop right out at me. As I’ve said before, I tore some mucscles in my back and haven’t been able to lift much, etc since that happened. That means each time we move, the passive aggressive boyfriend gets stuck with most of the repacking. (Thank God, it’s getting better now, but still sensitive).

The first time we got ready to move, he left my shoes under the bed and my facewash and bodywash on the side of the tub. Thank goodness I had the sense to take a last look around versus just thinking he had it handled. This little bit of good sense comes from being experienced with passive aggressives. I already knew he resented me, I just didn’t get how much. LOL.

I also think to a certain extent he likes the “weaker” me, since I hurt my back. His new thing is leaving his clothes on the floor where I could possibly trip over them in the dark during the night. Of course I would kill him if that happened, but evidently that does not dissuade him from his mission. He’s never done that before, and why he doesn’t just put them on the end of the bed or a chair…but I think I’ve figured out the answer to that.

The ones I feel sorry for are the cats. I have two, one who is pretty laid back and rolls with the punches, and one who is scared to death of most everything and is pretty psychotic. Just as the psychotic kitty is starting to come out and check out her new surroundings, the passive aggressive BF will either cough really loud, yell at the TV, or move abruptly, and she goes running back into the closet or under the bed. Now how do I explain a passive aggressive BF to her? LOL


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