The Passive Aggressive and Carl Jung

Hey everybody! I’m still here. We’re still “in transition”, but we’ll make it. LOL. I threw my back out or ripped some muscles in my back trying to move a piano, so I’m afraid I haven’t been on the computer much. Thanks to Naprosin, an anti-inflammatory, I’m starting to feel quite a bit better.  I also don’t have to carry my laptop to a “lobby” to use it anymore, so that helps quite a bit also.

This little “fiasco” we’ve been going through has been quite an eye opener for me. I have discovered more of what I think I already knew about my passive aggressive boyfriend. It’s not that he doesn’t like to make decisions, I don’t think he can. My two favorite phrases that seem to go off in my head a lot are “what were you thinking?” and “what would you do if I wasn’t here?” The latter not meant to be conceited, but truly wondering what decisions he might make if I wasn’t here making them for him. Sort of like “what would you do if you were in this same situation, but by yourself?”

He’s still out of work, which isn’t too unusual considering the state of the economy and the fact that he’s 61 years old, but he was using our current situation to do absolutely nothing to fix that. He had totally dropped out of the connect group he was working with at the Employment Development Dept., quit looking for any kind of work, etc.

One nite I had seen on the news about a new retraining program they were doing at EDD where they pay unemployment benefits for 130 weeks and retrain people for another line of work. Since I haven’t been able to invoke the entrepreneurial spirit in him to do something on his own, I told him he should look into that. With Obama being heavy into “going green” that should be the field he should look into getting trained for. He already has manufacturing experience. Why not learn how to manufacture windmills or solar or something?

I have to say that it has served as an anchor and given him something to hold onto. He just started, but he’s been very diligent in showing up when and where he’s supposed to. Yesterday after being at EDD, he came home and took a “personality quiz” that was designed by the well known psychologist Carl Jung. Those things are nothing short of amazing. The results fit him to a “T”. In fact it was so accurate, I’m thinking about taking it just for kicks. As he read the results to me I was waiting for something about the “passive aggressive employee”, but it didn’t come. It will have to suffice to say he would be good in Civil Service. LOL. (No offense to anyone).


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