Looking Inside A Passive Aggressive

Wait! You’re in the right place. Just thought while new things were happening in my offline life, I would put a new header on my on-line life. I never liked the old one anyway. This one seems much more appropriate. LOL. It’s still me.

Whether you’re living with an aggressive passive aggressive or a passive passive aggressive, I’m sure there have been many times where you have wished you could hear what they are thinking. Sometimes I actually say out loud to my passive passive aggressive BF “What were you thinking?”

Just the other day my son’s girlfriend called on the house phone. (He’s very bad about answering his cell phone). The BF resents these calls and never asks to take a message or who is calling. When the BF went to go give the phone to my son, he was in the shower. The BF transfers this info to the caller and then sits there on the line in silence. She finally says ok and hangs up. I had to ask him “Couldn’t you have asked if there was any message or if you could tell him who called?”

The BF gives me this weird look as if this suggestion came from outer space or something. I said “What do you normally do when someone calls and it’s not for you?”

I know most of the time he doesn’t even answer (which actually is probably the better option). Other times he will take a good look at who’s calling and then hand the phone to me to answer. I don’t get it. If you’re that interested in who’s calling, why don’t you answer the damn thing? LOL.

Anyway, for those of you who have wanted to look inside the mind of your passive aggressive spouse or partner, you need to read the comment here. Just scroll down to the bottom of the post to the comment by “atrueman”. This was written by a man that admits himself he is definitely PA, has known he was for sometime, and what he was thinking while he drove his wife crazy for 24 years. I think you will find it of great interest.

To A.T.- (Not his real initials)Thank you so much for your comment and being so candid with us. I’m sure for some it will give hope for the future, for others it will help them with their situation now.


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