Procrastinator vs. Passive Aggressive

What happens when a procrastinator meets a passive aggressive? Nothing. LOL.

As I’ve mentioned here before, we lost our house do to the landlord losing the house in foreclosure (just like a million others).¬†We’re now down to the deadline (May 18th) and it is going ever so slowly. I do a little sorting, putting ads on Craig’s list and packing every day, but I know not as much or as fast as I should. I think I am totally addicted to this stupid computer.

In the meantime, the passive aggressive BF is responsible for his stuff in the garage. He has been out there a little, packing, sorting and throwing away. The subject I have avoided until now, is his power tools.

The first couple of years we were together, he had said how he loved wood working so I bought him tool after tool for a workshop out in the garage. He did a couple of things that were really nice, and I tried to get him to do some of it and sell them as XMAS gifts the first year he was out of work. A friend of ours also paid him a down payment for a book case for his studio apartment.

He never did the XMAS gift idea, and the book case is basically put together and sitting with so many other projects that are waiting to be completed. He’s been out of work for almost 7 mos. now and hasn’t really touched any of his tools so I’m wondering if we should sell them or pay to store them. Another case of where because I want him to do things with the tools, he won’t hardly touch them. He’s so typically passive aggressive.

This will probably be a pretty sensitive subject and because the passive aggressive never really says how they truly feel about something, I will be trying to read the signals or clear the fog from my crystal ball. LOL. I guess I’ll know if we make the wrong decision by the retaliation I receive.


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