Easter With The Passive Aggressive

My first thought this morning is “Isn’t it amazing that Christ died on the cross for my sins, but the passive aggressive BF can’t even show me some true love and affection?”

That’s not totally true, I confess. He does do the obligatory quick kiss when he’s leaving the house. In fact sometimes it’s so quick I wonder why he bothers at all. LOL. That was the case yesterday.

The BF is going through some steps to connect at the unemployment office so he got up pretty early for him yesterday morning. He did his usual subtleties that let me know he wasn’t happy, and as usual I ignored them. When he got ready to go he gave me the little peck goodbye, and I just asked him if he didn’t want to go so bad, and he’s going to kiss me like it’s all my fault, why go? 

He came back in the usual passive aggressive way, said he didn’t realize he was acting like that, gave me a little better smooch and a hug and went on his way.

It made me wonder. You know I think sometimes these Passive Aggressive BF’s/spouse/partners get so used to doing what they do, it becomes so automatic and natural, I really don’t think half the time they realize they’re even doing some of this stuff until you call them on it. I’m not sure if the BF knows what he’s doing and then just acts like he didn’t realize, or if he just really doesn’t know until I point it out.

It’s the Saturday before Easter as I’m writing this and once again I will ask the BF if he ever called his son back. He will say no and I will suggest he call him and see where he is, see if he can take the son to lunch or something. He’ll tell me he’ll call him later. Tomorrow being Easter I will suggest calling his kids, he’ll tell me he’ll call them later. Tomorrow night I will ask if he ever called and he will tell me he got busy (with dinner or something) and forgot.  That’s how the holidays roll in our house.  Then he wonders why his son is so resentful.


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