Reponsibilities And The Passive Aggressive

Any one who has been involved with a passive aggressive for any length of time knows they don’t take on responsibilites well. That is why we end up handling every thing ourselves. Personally I figure I haven’t got anything to lose this week as he’s already peeved about something, so I might as well make it worth while.  How do I know he’s already upset, you ask?

Several days ago he went back to kissing me like you kiss your sister or your mother, which is always a sure sign.  You know the kiss that makes you wonder why they bother kissing you at all. The one where their lips barely touch yours. I know it really won’t do me any good to ask what’s bothering him, so instead I’ll just “give him something to cry about”. LOL. (An old parent term for when your kids are crying over nothing).

I’m working on putting a very important court case together for the next few days. I’ve been sort of working on this for awhile, but now it’s crunch time. I have decided that today I’m going to ask him to take care of dinner and grocery shopping for the next few days while I get the work done. There really isn’t any reason why he can’t. He’s not working right now and he basically doesn’t do anything. If the truth be known, we’re all adults in this house now.  There’s really no reason why everyone couldn’t fend for themselves, but it’s not very practicle that way. I’m pretty sure that he’ll handle that ok. He likes to cook and he feels like he’s contributing that way.  

Here’s to having more than a can of beans for dinner. LOL

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