Passive Aggressiveness or Stubborn?

I went to a motivational seminar today, all day. I love these things and that’s exactly what it’s called “Get Motivated”. If this road tour comes to your part of the country, it’s cheap and I would highly recommend it. I asked my passive aggressive son, my PA boyfriend, a girlfriend who is always complaining about her circumstances. The girlfriend was negative while I was asking her, so she can wallow in her misery. My son didn’t come home until I was up this morning having my coffee before I got ready, even though I reminded him a couple of times yesterday about having to get up early today.┬áThe BF gave me little signs that he wasn’t real happy about going even tho I asked him before I called to buy the tickets. I ignored the signs.

I thought, with my girlfriend not working and being stressed financially, my son not having a job, and the BF not having a job, that maybe they would just here something that would turn things around for them. Maybe shift their thinking. Something.

The BF is really good at paying attention to detail and he’s really good with numbers. One of the speakers today was doing a thing about the stockmarket. I thought this would be a terrific fit for the BF. Well, we bought the class, software, etc. but for me, not him. He’s not interested. He didn’t hardly participate in anything regarding the seminar, and I realized this was truly a PA. This is the behavior where they say they’ll go to the party and then make it so miserable, you want to leave or wish you would have come alone.

On the way home I realized I really need to take some of my own advice. How did I surround myself with these people that are satisfied with the “status quo” no matter how bad that status is? When did I quit seeking out people that stimulate my brain and make me feel alive? I know when it started, but now it’s my life and I’m going to change it.

I’m always telling every one here to get into some sort of support group and connect with people that don’t drag you down. I decided that time is way over due for me. I hadn’t really noticed how numb I had let myself become with my mind numbing life, but I’m gonna change it. Any body with me?

The first step I’m going to take is to find groups in the area that are interested in making the same kind of progress in life that I am. Thank God for Google. It makes the first step so easy. I’m going to give what knowledge I have and get what ever knowledge I can from those that know better than me. I felt like I had control of my life, but I realized today that I really don’t. I’m just passing time, time I’ll never get back. It’s time I put my time to better use.

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