Dealing With The Passive Aggressive

My new approach to dealing with the passive aggressive boyfriend I have decided, will be reverse psychology. Before I have always advocated using humor as a coping method, which I still believe is good, but sometimes it gets a little hard to continuously see the humorous side of things. Lately I have noticed that the hair rises on the back of my neck a little faster than it has in the past which means my sense of humor is running low.

I have said for years that I don’t like stroganoff. It’s the noodles they use, even if they are made from the same stuff as macaroni. That has become my PA mother’s favorite dish for the PA BF to cook and he is always ready to oblige her. New method of coping: Now I eat the meat sauce over mashed potatoes while they eat noodles. He doesn’t cook it so often anymore. That worked so well I thought I would try it with other things.

I’ve been saying I hate listening to the news or having it on TV. It’s too depressing and I’m not really sure how much is truth or fiction anyway. The more I tell him he can change the channel to his sports, the more he sits and watches the news, or leaves the news on and goes out in the kitchen to watch what he wants. New Method of coping: I just don’t tell him he can change the channel any more. Now if something special in sports is on that he wants to see, he asks to change it.

This has worked out quite well for me. I’ve tried using reverse psychology for a couple of other things also, but I can’t bring them to mind right now. What I have decided is that this makes both of us happy. I get what I want and he gets to think he’s keeping it from me. LOL. (I guess I have a little humor left after all).


2 Responses

  1. I love it! It’s true – you have to outsmart the people who think they’re controlling you.

    I had an alcoholic BF that would come home drunk and then have the guts to pretend everything was fine and deny that he had been drinking. Coping method: convincing him that he needed to follow his dream and go start a business – in another town three counties away. We were still sort of BF/GF, but I got him away from my house and my kid.

    Been there, done that – hang in there!

    • luckychase- Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Your comment made me chuckle. That was a pretty smart idea. Good for you and your kid. Sometimes we have to control the situation or it will control us.

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