Passive Aggressive And No Sex-pt 2

I found this and thought I would pass it on as a follow up to yesterday’s post.


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  1. Good bits of advice in this video for “normal” people, but they sure don’t do a bit of good when involved with a PA, eh?!

    I do most/all of what they recommend, not even because I’m trying to get the sex back into the relationship, but rather because it’s simply who/how I am. I’ve all but given up on restoring this relationship to a sexual/intimate one. Tired of banging my head against a brick wall, to no avail. I can give myself orgasms, I don’t need him for that… and he’s not interested in sex, be it for physical release or closeness or anything. Nor is he interested in giving me what I want or need, unless HE decides that [1] he wants it himself (and that means that I need to ensure that he believes it is *his* idea/want/need and that I have no investment in it either way), and [2] that it’s a “valid” enough need for him to fulfill for me.

    I really thought that all these games ended in middle and high school, but sadly there are “adults” that put kids to shame when it comes to the mind trips! This is NOT that man I fell in love with… the man who was my best friend for 10 yrs. before we got involved (so of course I thought I knew him SO well!), the man who was affectionate and romantic and put me high on his priority list, the man who couldn’t tell or show me enough how much he cared for and wanted me… that man disappeared pretty much once he “won” me 7 yrs. ago (I’m no longer the “unattainable” woman, so why bother?), and was replaced with a cold, distant, withdrawn, PA-in-nearly-every-way-one-could-possibly-imagine person I never knew existed in him.

    I’m going to stop for now, because I feel a tremendous RANT coming on, and I could go on about this for hours! (Sound familiar, anyone?! lol)

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