Books re:Passive Aggressives

This morning while surfing through the internet I came upon a “review” about a new book on getting along with passive aggressives. I don’t know how much of an actual review it was since it was written by one of the doctors that wrote the book, but it did intrigue me.

Since writing and researching living with passive aggressive spouses, parents, children, etc. I have come accross a few books that people have suggested as enlightening. If you notice there is a new page up titled “Recommended Reading”. I have put up some links to Amazon for a few of these books and then I’ve also added a link to a whole website of free self improvement products. I have had this giveaway up once before and they just reopened. There are 26 pages of free gifts here. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something useful. I make no money off this site I just think it’s a great chance to get some really good self help stuff without having to pay for it. LOL.

I’ll add to the Recommended Reading page as I find more stuff or as things are suggested.

2 Responses

  1. This one has a chapter about passive aggressives:

    This book is very judgmental, but still really helpful. I was looking for info about someone else’s problem, and found mine in there. I don’t think I would have ever known I was passive aggressive without this book.

    For non passive aggressives, this book is all about strategies for dealing with difficult people and has specific tips for handling passive aggressive behavior.

    • Val- Thanks, I’ll add it to the list. It’s interesting how astute you were to recognize symptoms in yourself. Most people you can take to a movie that is a direct parallel to their own lives, and they never see the similarity. I think it’s great how you take responsibilty for your own actions.

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