We All Can Use Some Inspiration

It’s gets tough at times when you live with a passive aggressive all day every day. Yeah, there are some good times, otherwise why would we stay? It’s not because we enjoy the times when he “forgets” we were supposed to be somewhere at 7 o’clock and it’s now 7:30. It’s not for the times when money is tight, but he spends it like we have it because we take care of the bills and he’s not responsible. It’s certainly not because we hate sex and now we have a partner that acts like they hate it too (or at least with us). No, it’s because every once in awhile they say just the right thing, do just the right thing, make us laugh and suck us right back in.

Have I noticed that lately the passive aggressive BF turns on his sports through my favorite soap opera, then changes it to that channel just in time for the news which I’ve said a million times just depresses me? Have I noticed that after almost 10 yrs. explaining to him how noodles dissolve when he leaves them in water when he makes stroganoff, that he still does it? Sure I have.

There are some days you just wonder if it’s all worth it. Then somebody sends you something like I got in my email this morning, and it makes it really not look so hopeless. I thought I would share something I have moved into my “self esteem folder”. I hope it’s inspiring for you also. You might wnt to have tissues close by. Feel free to leave a comment.

Tough day? Tough year?  Check this out for some inspiration



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