It Wouldn’t Be Christmas Without a Fight

I hope all of you had a wonderfully Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it) and I hope 2009 makes all your dreams come true. I have put up a page on my other blog  that has links to ebooks, all kinds of stuff for you, as my gift. This is my way of saying “thank you so much for adding to my life”. A lot of the stuff is more for internet marketers, etc. but at the bottom is a link to another “Self Improvement Giveaway”. There are so many great gifts there and helpful things for thinking positive and moving your life in a positive way.  I hope you find some things that are helpful to you and you enjoy the experience.

I don’t know if any of you experienced this this year, but in my house you would have thought the world was going to end before next Christmas. I don’t know if there was a full moon or what, but first my middle daughter didn’t want to bother with a tree because it was too late (5 days before Christmas). We have never been ones to get a tree early (one time it was as late as Christmas Eve) and then we leave it up for awhile after Christmas. You know, the 12 days of Christmas, Little Christmas, sometimes Easter and a couple of times to the 4th of July. LOL.

My passive aggressive mother was driving me nuts! First she was up at 2 am. I met her in the hallway as she was coming out and I told her what time it was and to go back to bed. She said she couldn’t sleep. I told her to turn the tv off and try. Santa hadn’t been there yet. Then she’s up again a couple hours later and asks me if the stockings are full. The fight was on. 6 AM and probably most of the neighborhood was awake after this one. LOL. The rest of the family’s smart enough to pretend like they’re sleeping through it. Now I will say that a good portion of it was probably my fault, but I’m always up all night Christmas Eve, and I always take care of the stockings. What made this year so different that she had to worry about it?

I got to bed a little after 7 AM I think. My mother is usually the first one up and this year was no different. When my oldest daughter showed up, my Mother kept trying to get her to wake up everyone else. You know, when I was a kid, my passive aggressive mother was mostly just flat aggressive and awful if we woke her up, especially if we woke her up early. It’s sure funny how things come full circle.

They let me sleep till 9:45 AM. We opened all the presents and then it was time to get cooking. I usually make my pies early in the morning but since I slept so late, I was already behind. Tom was chomping at the bit to get the turkey in, and my mother decides she’s going to make this Strawberry Delight that we used to have at Christmas. It’s a jello dessert and while it doesn’t take up oven room, she takes up kitchen room. I found myself at Lucky’s buying strawberries and graham crackers.

The only reason she was going to make this was because she was getting even with me for the fight we had earlier that morning. I had mentioned she hadn’t done anything for anyone for years so she decided Christmas day would be the day to be different.

 So my passive aggressive mother and I sat at the dining table and made her Strawberry Delight. Nobody ever had any until today, 2 days later because there was so much for dinner already, but that’s okay. We’re all still alive.


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