We Made It Through Thanksgiving and…

everyone’s alive and well! That’s a good thing right? Dinner turned out beautifully as usual when the BF cooks, and of course their is never enough praise. The day before when I was cleaning the kitchen/diningroom for us to serve dinner, I had the CD player blaring and worked like crazy. Unfortunately my passive aggressive mother as she is, asked if I had the music loud enough. She can’t even hear it in her room. I told her she could either go back to her room and don’t bug me, or after 7 years of doing nothing she could clean and play the music however she liked. Needless to say she chose her room (she has a recliner and tv, etc. in there).

The son got in a fender bender Thanksgiving Day. That provided some excitement for the afternoon. He was driving his truck and his sisters were in his older sister’s car. Every Thanksgiving they go to see a movie in the afternoon while dinner cooks. Right at the end of our street as he was pulling out to the main street, he runs into the side of a Mercedes. Luckily no one was hurt. I’m not totally sure it was his fault. He said he looked both ways and the car wasn’t there when he looked. Come to find out they had pulled out of a driveway across the main street, and they very well may not have been there when he looked.  Thank goodness he’s been straight lately because they tested him and checked his eyes like 3 times.

His license has been suspended for an unpaid ticket, so they towed his vehicle which is impounded for 30 days. Needless to say he’ll never see that vehicle again. He only paid $500 for it and it needs a transmission etc. Not exactly worth the $1200 or $1400 it’s going to cost to get it out. I kept telling him just because nothing had happened didn’t mean nothing will. As usual, he thought I didn’t know what I was talking about. Guess he’ll rethink that now (I hope). The one good thing is he’s staying relatively clean and a job is looking a lot better to him now, but he has no transportation. I told him he better learn how to read a bus schedule. 

The people who own the Mercedes are a little pissed. He has no money and no insurance so if they want their car fixed they’re going to have to do it themselves. I don’t blame them for being upset. This is why I carry uninsured motorist insurance, and I drive an old junk car. LOL. Just because the law says everyone’s to have insurance doesn’t mean everyone does.


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