The Passive Aggressive Days of My Life

The passive aggressive BF has started actually moving around the house a little. His days are only 3/4’sĀ filled with ESPN the last couple of days (until today of course, which is college football all day and Nascar). Tomorrow will be NFL and Nascar, so that will be a TV day also. But Thurs. and Fri. he actually did do a couple of things around the yard. I’m wondering if he can feel my internal temperature rising.

I have been implementing a new plan lately. The last few days, after he’s had his coffee, watched an hour or so of Sports Center and read the paper, I just ask him “so what is your plan today?”

He knows to answer “catch up on sports” or “watch tv” is certain words to wage war, so he comes up with something, whether it be looking on the computer for work (God forbid he leave the house to find a job), or yard work.

When you’re living with a passive aggressive, you have to be happy for the small wins. For me this is a small win. His win is that while he is working in the yard and doing something, he’s working in the front yard. Our house insurance company has warned us they will not renew our insurance next year if we don’t clean out the “debris” in the BACK yard. I reminded him of this fact when I asked him the other day if all the rotted wood back there could go in the recycling.

I found out today that my son has been buying my mother cigarettes. Not paying for them, but going and getting them for her. She has COPD, plus I’m scared to death she’s going to set the house on fire, so I had to put a stop to that. I was wondering how she went through $80 in two weeks and hardly left her chair. I knew it wasn’t the guy out back that rents from me, because while she’s tried him before, he’s scared to death of me and wouldn’t dare. My daughter wasn’t driving at the time so that proved her innocent. The only one left was my son. It just took me awhile to catch on because he wasn’t hardly around here, but he must have bought cartons instead of packs, so he didn’t need to be around often. He was kind of an easy pick, because she’s willing to bribe and he usually needs either cigs or money himself. She’s not going to be too happy when she finds out I’ve destroyed that little alliance.

I’m telling you, you can’t turn your back for a minute! It’s like running a nursery school around here only with kids old enough to carry guns. LOL.


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