Another Day In The Life

I’m beginning to think 24 hours a day is too much time to spend with the passive aggressive BF. I notice my patience is wearing a little thin. Where I usually get a kick out of goading him into knowing that I know what he’s doing, I find myself a little “snappy”.

It’s hard for me to understand how all of a sudden a man his age (60) has no clue about putting dishes in the dishwasher correctly. When I asked him why he has chosen to put his bowls in the dishwasher backward, he said “I didn’t know there was a “backward.”

Loading a Dishwasher

Loading a Dishwasher

I did what they say and confronted him about the problem. He doesn’t put them in backward anymore. He puts them in parallel. Instead of setting them in the dishwasher in between the little things that hold the dishes in place, he chooses now to put them in along the edges. I think this stems from me telling everyone they can rinse their own dishes and put them in the dishwasher instead of me being everyone’s maid. The passive aggressive, even the passive ones always come up with some little way to get even. (thanks Susan for the pick)

Yesterday I got a pretty ticked, which is the reason I think my patience is running short. The BF and I both smoke. (I know, I’d love to quit) I usually by the cigs and I buy us both a carton, altho I usually smoke 2 to his 1. He leaves to get beer rather early yesterday (yeah, we have all the bad habits) which I thought was kind of odd, but didn’t think too much of it.  It turns out the reason he went so early was because he needed cigarettes. Did he ask me if I needed any? Did he bother getting the bank card to buy a carton because they’re so much cheaper than buying by the pack? No on both counts. Did he get the message I was mad when I had to go out last night for cigarettes? You betcha! It’ll be awhile I’m sure before he pulls that again, and he’s cooking dinner tonite. Guess it wasn’t all bad. LOL.

I’ve been rather absorbed in learning everything I can about Chrystal Meth since finding out my son is an addict. I was surprised for as big an area as I am in there aren’t more meeting days and times to choose from. There’s AA meetings all over the place at every day and time almost, but not NarAnon. I know some meetings are for both alcoholics and drug addicts, so I’m going to see if the same is true for Al-anon meetings and maybe be able to widen my possibilities a little.

In the meantime I see my son every few days. He’s actually looking pretty good and not strung out. He’s gotten back with his ex-girlfriend and she’s a wreck, so maybe he’s backed off a bit either seeing what it’s done to her, or so he’s able to take care of her. I’m not sure which, but whatever the reason that he’s not so strung out, I’m grateful. I do wonder if the girl’s mother realizes her daughter’s hooked on Meth. Maybe she’s grateful for my son being back in her daughter’s life. I don’t know. I know when they were seeing each other in the past, if she was doing that stuff he wouldn’t go near her until she got clean. I just dread the next time they split. They’ve gone together in the past (twice) and each time the break up is worse for my son.


2 Responses

  1. Hey, hang in there, Lady. This is heartbreaking — and watching your son walk into what could be another mine field is even worse. Keep your hope alive and your spirits up — your writing is obviously a crucial outlet for you. Big hugs! (PS – I love the puppy-in-the-dishwasher picture!)

  2. Keep your hope up. Love the puppy getting washed.

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