Surprises Never End With The Passive Aggressive

For those of you have been reading my humble blog, you know my passive aggressive BF got laid off about a month ago. (To get caught up quick see here) If you read that post you know that I was totally shocked. At the time this happened I thought he was also. Apparently, he wasn’t as surprised as I thought.

The other night we were out at a cocktail party for a friend that is closing his business. While there we ran into an ex-coworker of the BF, and then the man who was responsible for getting him hired to start with. The man and I had been friends before him hiring the BF and we are still, so I asked him why the BF got fired. Come to find out they had hired a guy a few months back to fill the job the BF was originally hired and groomed for. On top of that evidently the BF and the new boss didn’t get along so hot. So A-typical of the passive aggressive to keep all these facts to himself.

I was half-correct in who I thought was responsible (the passive aggressive half-owner of the business) but I didn’t realize there was a new alliance. I tried so many times to tell the BF that I could see a problem with him not handling the jobs the company had hired and sent him to trainings for.  So for 3 yrs. he was able to proceed with his passive aggressive behavior while they hired other people around him to do what he was supposed to do. Now the only way I am shocked that he got laid off is I don’t understand how he lasted so long.


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