Job Hunting and The Passive Aggressive

As you may have guessed, this is not one of the passive aggressive’s favorite activities. As I have been trying to teach my son, in this economy if you want a job, you need to be aggressive. You need to act like you really want the job. You have to get out there early before the other twenty-five thousand people who really do want the same job you’re applying for.

The last time the BF was out of work, it was quite awhile before he actually got out and started doing something to find a job. This time he doesn’t seem to have gone into the depression he was in the last time, as he has actually done a couple of things that are pretty pro-active. Part of the motivation may be because this time I don’t have the business I used to have, so maybe he’s feeling a little more insecure. I don’t know what the motivation is, I’m just glad to see it.

There are many things that most people know about job hunting. We’ve all been taught the basics at some point or another, by a friend or relative, unless you’re just going out for the first time. By the time you’re 60, you’re facing a new set of prejudices than the young kid just getting his first job, but there are a few rules that are universal and don’t really change thru the generations. One of the most respected sources for the facts when it comes to job hunting has been a book, “What Color Is Your Parachute?”.  They keep updating it so it usually applies to what is going on the current job market.

I have given the book to both my BF and my DS (Dear Son). Neither have read it, nor pretend they care to. So today the BF is out the door after 1:00 in the afternoon to go put in an application. “At least he’s out there applying” you say. That is true and why I didn’t dare say anything to discourage him.

  1. If you really want a job, get there early. This doesn’t mean sleeping till noon or reading the sportspage, watching SportsCenter, and then deciding to get in the shower.
  2. Mondays are usually a good idea for making appointments and doing research. Usually not a good idea for popping in on people with app in hand, hoping for any kind of interview. Working people (employers or gatekeepers to employers) usually hate Mondays and anything related to them.
  3. Fridays are not so hot either. People are ready for their weekend. You might stand a chance on a Friday morning or if you luck onto an employer who is looking for a break from their usual routine, otherwise unless they specifically made the appointment with you, they’re not going to be really interested in much of what you have to say.

I would tell my BF or DS if they would listen, that you basically only have 3 days a week that are truly hopeful. Even businesses that are open on the weekend, the boss is usually off if he has the ability. Use Fri. through Monday to research job openings, the companies you’re interested in, checking the Employment Development bulletin boards, and making appts. if possible.

I would teach them to be an entrepreneur, but my son doesn’t feel like it’s a real job if you’re working at home, even if the money’s better, and the passive aggressive BF, well…


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