Passive Aggressive Home Almost 3 Weeks

First let me say, I am still here. I just had to change my theme. I keep adding more stuff and 2 columns just wasn’t enough. LOL.

Let me say again, the BF has been laid off for almost 3 weeks, and I am still here. LOL.

The last time this happened he was out of work for almost 3 years! Not pleasant. He went into quite a depression and I was ready to put a bullet through our TV. His head is a little better so far, as he has put in one application already and shored up his references. So that’s a good thing.

Of all the people he’s spoken to from his old job, he says they say, management isn’t saying absolutely anything about why he was let go. The only thing he was told was the company was “heading in a new direction.” It was really odd, because he is the ideal employee for showing up early, leaving late, being totally trustworthy. I think what happened here is the Passive Aggressive Boss and the Passive Aggressive Employee didn’t quite see eye to eye.

The company is run by two brothers. I think the one brother isn’t real sure about his value, so according to the BF he’s a pain to everybody else. One of the things he was a pain about were the bathrooms. On the weekends when the BF was the supervisor, the boss would seek him out to tell him there was no toilet paper or paper towels, or something. The BF thought it was ridiculous that the boss would tell him about it instead of just taking care of it himself. This happened on more than one occasion, so I would assume the bathrooms being clean and properly stocked was an important thing to the boss. Not quite how the BF saw it.

In my opinion, the BF should have delegated this responsibility and had them do regular checks to make sure things were good. Instead, in his usual passive aggressive way, he resented being told to take care of it, so he didn’t. He would make sure everything was good in the morning before opening and that would be it. Evidently he also made a comment to someone, because one day the passive aggressive boss asked the passive aggressive BF if they had a problem. Instead of having a conversation, the passive aggressive BF just said “No problem. Everything’s fine. We’re good.”

Now the passive aggressive BF is out of a job. We’ve talked about it quite a bit. He was still holding on to his convictions that the boss was petty and being stupid. I, from an old employer point of view, have pointed out to him that as an owner of a company, the boss doesn’t have to do what he doesn’t want to do and can get employees to do for him. That’s his right as the owner. It doesn’t really matter how petty or stupid it is. He has the last say. I think the light finally went on.

It would have been nice if the passive aggressive boss would have just taken some initiative and had a talk with the BF about things before just letting him go. He didn’t even let him go himself. He had his brother do it. That’s how it works in a passive aggressive world.

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