The Passive Aggressive Does More Harm…

Usually to themselves than they could ever do to us. If they drive us crazy at home, can you imagine what it’s like to work for one? Of course the experiences are different based on whether you are working with an “aggressive passive aggressive” or you are working with a “passive passive aggressive”.

From the passive passive aggressive point of view, you wonder how they can perform in a supervisory capacity. They usually don’t feel comfortable making decisions, expressing authority, and despite what the job entails, they usually end up doing what they want vs. what their boss wants. Due to their passive aggressive personality, their “supervisor” style is to not have any supervisory style. They’re more of a “friend” who makes suggestions.

A passive aggressive may have been hired to work in a certain dept. in a store that has several depts. He/she is put through training for the dept. they were hired for. On off days he/she is supervisor of all depts. Through time, though they get along well with others and for all practical purposes are loved by co-workers, it becomes evident they are not capable of

  1. Doing the original job they were hired for
  2. Are not capable of supervising

While they may be good at the job they’re doing, the employer is still left with the unfulfilled spots the passive aggressive was first hired for. While they may be excellent at showing up early and leaving late, the employer ends up frustrated, not knowing quite how to handle the passive aggressive. The job they do is good, but it’s not the right job. For many passive aggressives this works out okay for quite awhile because it’s hard for the employer to come up with exactly what the passive aggressive is doing “wrong”. In the end tho, the problems become apparent.

What is the employer’s answer to the problem? Fire the passive aggressive and hire someone that can fulfill the expectations for the original positions.


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