Still Kissin’ Like Cousins…

I don’t know if I did something else to make him mad, or it’s just becoming habit, or etc., etc., but I had a couple of days where he actually went back to kissing me like he meant it, and now we’re back to the “barely touching lips” stage. Oh well. Sometimes the game moves too fast back and forth for me to keep up. LOL.

He out fumbled me again on the trash cans. We have a small trash can in our bathroom, like most people do, and a small one in our bedroom, right off of the bathroom. I don’t use that bathroom very often, so I don’t think to empty the trash in there like I do the one in the bedroom. He emptied the one in the bathroom last week on trash day, which I think he secretly resents to start with, but he didn’t replace the trash bag. Out of curiosity, I didn’t replace it either, just to see how long he would let it go. Sure enough, for one that uses that can a lot, he can go quite awhile without a new bag in there! LOL. I finally replaced it when I emptied the trash in the bedroom again, almost a week later. As long as I was getting a bag, might as well get two, aye? I just get a kick out of it sometimes how far a passive aggressive will go to get out of some of the simplest chores, etc.  


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